Finance Quote

Power your business with flexible business equipment financing. Start now by estimating your monthly payments with these three easy steps.


  • 100% financing is available
  • Up to 84 month fixed rate monthly payment terms allow you to keep your cash and credit lines open
  • Ascentium Capital can prefund SolareAmerica for you
  • Low monthly payment plans with a 10% final payment due. For larger projects, we can work with you, allowing you time to install your selected solar equipment before normal monthly payments begin.
  • This really helps your initial cash flow and gets SolareAmerica prepaid too.
  • Pay for your selected solar equipment monthly as it performs a service for your business
Ascentium Capital Promises You
  • We will work with you to create a financing structure that matches your specific solar project's financing needs.
  • For example, we can usually fund 100% of your entire project's cost. And subject to credit approval, up to 84 month terms are available.
  • Applicable state sales tax and installation can be financed too.
  • Want more information? Contact:
    Pat Kistler
    866.563.8500 ext 0341